Glow Gear Company Profile

Glow Gear started in 1994 as a Close Corporation, with founding members, Dr. Blanche de Wet and Johlette de Jager. Both their academic backgrounds inspired the formation of a company which would prevent casualties and even deaths.

The knowledge and incontrovertible evidence exists - that wearing even the most modest piece of reflective material, can help to prevent injury and even loss of life: That was and still is the inspiration and motivation for this business.

Johlette de Jager is the only member and owner of the family run business since April 2008.  The Glow Gear mission is to spread the news and availability of reflective products and their uses as widely as possible. The light can no longer be hidden under the proverbial bucket. We let it shine for every body to be seen and so not hurt!  Glow Gear is blessed with a work team of the most unique, loyal and dedicated group of ladies.

What is reflective? Are there quality or performance differences?

  • Reflective - Has two main groups: Those classified as engineering/sheeting reflectives – for road, vehicle and advertising signage, etc. Secondly, reflective fabrics (and tapes) – for the garment industry. Both these reflective groups need a light source to shine on them – like vehicle lights or search lights, which will reflect the light back to its source. In these groups there are various qualities and performance available. (Talk to us!)
  • Gloss - is a term which describes the look – a shiny glossy appearance – and not the performance – often, glossiness has no or very little reflective value.
  • Fluorescence – these products first need to "absorb" light for some hours and will then glow for a period of time in darkness. It will not shine when car of torch light hits it.
  • Glitter - sparkles, however only visible in daylight, no protective, reflective value at night.
  • Glow in the Dark - an alternative description for fluorescence.
  • Luminosity - term also used for fluorescence, glowing, shining, or brightness.
  • Neon fabrics or trims - have bright colours like neon yellow or neon orange - more visible in low light conditions than white or other colours, but do not shine or glow or reflect or protect at all at night.
  • Hi-viz or high visibility - a term loosely used to describe fabrics or tapes in neon, bright colours, but these are not necessarily reflective.

We in the past have dealt only with 1 or 2 uniform suppliers in Cape Town, but for this type of equipment/uniform, we will most certainly be using our new found “Gucci” suppliers Glow Gear.
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Glow Gear celebrating 20 years from 1994 to 2014