Almost half of the deaths and injuries on our South African roads are those of pedestrians. Fact is, you are also a pedestrian when you cross the street to buy something at the shop.  You work or play or train in high risk situations in poor visibility. You might even be responsible for a workforce in such low light, poor visibility conditions. You may also realize the implications of the loss of life. The price of a meter of reflective tape cannot compare to the cost of a life lost. Choose now from our wide variety of options for your very specific needs. 

Protective & Industrial

The discerning safety officer, security official, the chief buyer, manufacturer, then supplier and owner of protective/reflective wear/safety reflective vests  are all faced with tremendous challenges. Can you identify with these:

  • to find good quality products at an affordable price
  • a need for your company to be identifiable and different from the rest
  • the challenge to make the right decision between the various similar appearing reflective options
  • wash and wear, abrasion and UV performance which differs clearly with different products
  • who can advise about fire retardant, anti-static, insect repellent and other fabric finishes available in the high visibility fabrics?
  • you need guarantees or certification & test reports
  • who can help to compare "apples with apples"?

The services and products are available at Glow Gear. We will assist you to find the most suitable product for your use. You will find options and ways to strategically apply reflective trims which will also be financially attractive. The 16 years of experience in the field of reflective fabrics, is now at your disposal from Glow Gear.

Sport & Outdoor

Very few cyclists and joggers who are hit by vehicles in low light conditions survive this horrific incident. In more than 80% of such cases, the offending driver reports: "I did not see the cyclist until it was too late." Where do you cycle or jog? You have the choice to see to it that you and all your buddies are visible. Do not grudge the money for the only trim on your very expensive gear that can save your life!

If you have a specific challenge for the best placement or reflective options to use on a garment, Glow Gear is keen to be part of finding a solution.

You know very well - there are ever changing demands in high performance sport and outdoor gear which requires reflective trims that are both cost effective and user friendly. It should meet the demands of the outdoor enthusiast, athlete, manufacturer and retailer. Glow Gear takes a keen interest to spearhead new developments together with you.

Reflective trims with elastic or stretch properties, embossed labels which can withstand very regular washing, high visibility tapes, etc. Some of our respected customers include of the largest firms in the categories of sport and outdoor wear. However, your individual need will not be disregarded by our team.


Are you frustrated with "authorities" who reject funny stuff like reflective if it does not blend in and become unnoticeable. Despite how many of you are at risk while walking to and from anywhere? You can get products from Glow Gear that combine reflective with all the basic colours - navy, maroon, green, marigold, blue etc. Embossed reflective badges are also available. Show that you care about yourself or "your neighbour" – consult Glow Gear about options available.

Are you manufacturing or buying rain wear, umbrellas, pets' clothing? Manufacturers of all outerwear should offer a choice (which Glow Gear can supply or develop for them). Add real value, offer more than just fake silver. There are exciting reflective possibilities. Make more money and do good.

Do you want to create a glowing effect for the next party, fun event or play? Smart and designer wear manufacturers, event managers, adventure planners who want to create a stunning glowing effect, party goers wearing shiny, glowing stuff: The sky is the limit.

Dogs, cats, even cattle are wearing reflective neck bands. You can be ahead of the trend with the possibilities of reflective trims on offer by Glow Gear. Allow yourself to experiment and create with reflective - and you will surely be noticed.

Am I satisfied... what a question, it is better than I originally thought, I thought that it would be a PVC material, once my friends see it I will definitely recommend them to your company!

Glow Gear celebrating 20 years from 1994 to 2014